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IAM2BE’ Education: Basic Lesson Part 1 (Online Seminar)

 IAM2BE’ Education: Basic Lesson Part 1 (Online Seminar) Table of Content: The Natural Separation & Connection Between Things Brain hemispheres & Duality Brainwaves & Brain Polarity The Mental Focus of Awareness The Quantum Entanglement, Superposition & Interferences Wave Correspondence to Music The Magic Moment Free Will The Flow...

"The conviction of a sensitive taste of the moral mind makes the right decision out of a healthy & balanced gut." - Damien Eynius

The conviction of mind comes from the gut

•[ The Gut ]• “The #gut is our pre-consciousness also known as sub-consciousness. It is our microbiological conclusion. It begins with the quality of the breathing and the health of the heart pulsation to start the circulation of hydrogen, oxygen & carbon also called the oscillation process. This...