About us

The IAM2BE’ Healthy. & Collective.

The motivation behind the © IAM2BE’ Healthy & Collective project is to create a profit-oriented brand for superfood & spiritual goods. We want to mix economic with spiritual growth and to invite people to work successfully with our new concepts. 

IAM2BE’ Wholesales. (Sales Agency) Later as a trademark for our own IAM2BE’ retail products.

IAM2BE’ Education. (Network Marketing Education System) ‘Psychological & Physical Health’, ‘Interdisciplinary Studies & Sciences’, ‘Spirituality & Esoterics’ will also be a part of the program. All in a very harmonized version to invite the past understanding of things to become a new version in conclusion of the future in globalization.

Therefore we also want to work on a new form to manage finances in a new holistic understanding. IAM2BE’ Finance. (Modern Financial Service)

IAM2BE Corporation Overview

The IAM2BE Collective

The IAM2BECollective is an interdisciplinary collective and philosophical movement for a fair global education.

We offer an interdisciplinary consulting and education service (based on free donations)

The IAM2BE’ Collective is a holistic “Network Marketing Education Concept

Behind the concept and the foundation of the collective, we are a selected team of scientists, philosophers, alchemists, esoteric & gnostic teachers, writers, historians, healers, therapists, consultants, artists, etc. Our service and content are focusing the latest scientific standards, and the current social interests, all in correspondence with the common spirit.

Zeitgeist: Heath, Relation, Evolution, Consciousness, Potential, Philosophy, Peace, and Harmony, Success, etc.

We provide our interdisciplinary education service in seminars, courses and individual lessons via web sessions, in private chats, or onsite with the audience and students. For the free donation based support we plan and calculate with ca. 30-45 min/service-request (if possible we would ask to respect this guideline.)

With your donations and support, we build a financial fond based on cryptocurrency to support future intercultural scientific research, projects, and development.

IAM2BE Education Changes the World

IAM2BE Education Changes the World

The IAM2BE’ Mission

Health is our main focus of the IAM2BE’ movement because we think everything a life is a mental & physical process of growth in resilience through health-care.

Health is not just something we have to see divided into categories or disciplines.

Health is a nature & cyclic workflow process under the given universal laws in order to enrich & grow life, create new neural connections (better mindsets) or to help us to innovate the common environment.

The purpose of health is to create efficiency & positive emotions in compassion & common sense by communication, transparency & the general understanding of what is „unhealthy“ so to solve it for the future generations.

We want a system that is made for the general well-being & not for our self.

We want to educate & train people to become self a teacher

We think education knowledge should always be purposeful, causal, constructive, universal, natural, scientific, economic, ecologic & philosophic with a general sense of intellectual moral in order to grow self-consciousness.

We want to give people the opportunity to become independent, to have their own business, to become financially free & so existential negative stress-free.

We want to support careers the best way possible by using a multi-level marketing network structure. So everyone is helping each other.

We want to provide a state of the Art Education Service on all the basic scholar disciplines that are available for everyone & adaptive on personal interests or behaviors.

Our goal was to create a concept that enlightens the redline between all fundamental scientific disciplines & universal LAWs, cause we think that this is one of the major reasons why people have difficulties to find common sense in natural principles  & professional belongings.

We are fighting against all the most common negative social effects.

Cognitive Dissonance, Intolerance, Egoism, Ignorance & Depressions…

IAM2BE’ Healthy. is our solution.

IAM2BE’ Healthy. The Tool

The IAM2BE’ HEALTHY tool is a navigation instrument for the mind to regulate the intensity of self-awareness or in the general perception of the EM-Field.

We always measure by the state of self-consciousness out of a current physical & metaphysical constitution/condition relative to the focused ideal we want to become next (target/purpose).

The perfect optimization & efficiency to adapt the self to every moment takes place in the harmony that we can find in compassion, tolerance, ambiance & coherence.

All this are clearly defined natural laws for us in discernment.

IAM2BE EducationThe Tool 1

Energy is always following the path with the smallest resistance in conductivity in the given structure or/& circumstance of the medium.



I > AM Healthy & Conscious.

2 > BE Motivated & Activated.


Be balanced by the multiplication of WIN-WIN.

1/2 Each One > 1×2 Teaches One. RECYCLING.

For a better FUTURE.


We all need guidance, but many don‘t have HELP.

Anti-Radical = Antioxidant = PRESERVATION.


I am the God that is you too, when we are selfless in compassion. Feel more, be more. Damien Eynius