About us

What is the purpose of the IAM2BE?

“The I·AM·2·BE is a universal transformation, translation and transcendence tool for the Mind in the understanding of the process of consciousness. We can learn how to manifest and to flow with the natural aggregation in the transmutation of mind.

A manifestation is just finished once we reflect our stimulation, inspiration, and intention in the realization of our free will. So to finde our purpose behind all our motivated actions.

Behind the label, IAM2BE is an innovative philosophical concept and an interdisciplinary educational system. The IAM2BE concept is a viable strategic management and universal recycling tool for the general solution of interests and emotions to use in practice.
The IAM2BE tool is the ideal guide for:
  • General Management Meetings
  • Meditation & Self Reflection
  • Self Motivation & Self Healing
  • Spiritual Orientation
  • Psychological Profiling
  • Targeting & Definition of Goals
  • Organisation & Planning – Project Management
  • Task Management
  • Innovation Managemen
  • Change Management
  • Mediation & Conflict Management
All quests and tasks in life are balancing and trading with energy in one form or another.
All nature is the manifestation of free will.