IAM2BE ∞ Higher Interdisciplinary & Philosophical Education.

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What is the meaning of I·AM·2·BE?

[ I ] = The current ego or mindset identification in perception.

[ AM ] = The past taste & experiences in memory to compare.

[ 2 ] = The self-reflection in natural duality to evaluate the self.

[ BE ] = The future goal transformation in the realization of thyself.

= Now, new, aware, balanced, clear, harmony, health, love…

IAM2BE ∞ Higher Interdisciplinary & Philosophical Education.

The “I·AM·2·BE” is a universal transformation, translation and transcendence tool for the “MIND” in the understanding of the process of consciousness.

We can learn how to manifest & flow with the natural aggregation of the mind.

A manifestation is just finished once we reflect our stimulation, inspiration, and intention in the realization of our free will and passion in the motivated action including the four elements and the aether self.

The following two chart are showing the cyclic IAM2BE process of mind.

The first diagram is a simple version of the mind processing in the manifestation and perception of will.

The next diagram is showing a detailed version of the mind processing in the manifestation and perception of will.


A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart.

– Goethe –


“I am to be in the moment.

I centralize my self-awareness in harmony,

~ like water drops coming together as an ocean of now.”

– Damien Eynius


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